Our menus can be composed to fit all your needs. Our ingredients are organic, seasonal and prepared by Chef Josh.

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In home dining

Family style or multi course menus


Large groups with flexible menus.

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Meal Prep

designed accordingly to dietary restrictions

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Call Josh to schedule your event. Depending on the request,  the ingredients are sourced for each order. Chef prepares and finishes the dinners in your kitchen and serves you, right there in your home. Chef Josh has been cooking professionally for several years and has trained under some of the best Chefs in the world. Find out more about each of our services.

Personal Chef Services

Meal Prep Planning

Delicious Deserts

Composed Menus

Dinners, Catered events and Pop Ups

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About Chef Josh Bianchi

Josh is an upstate NY native. After school, he began his career working his way through the brigades under some of the world’s best chefs throughout the East Coast before coming to Vegas. Since 2005, he spent several years at Wynn @ Daniel Boulud Brasserie and was the opening Chef @ Drai’s Beach Club.  After a few years, he pursued to refine his craft as the  Executive Chef @ Alize.

  As the Chef in the former Alize space, Josh was persistent to connect with Marc Vetri and assisted Chef Marc opening Vetri Cucina Top of the Palms.  After several years of cooking, opening 3 restaurants, and r/d, Josh took a sabbatical due to family health issues.

At the beginning of the Covid, he began his small operation So Good LV, that services “in home Dining”, catering, and personal chef services for those with special dietary needs which has led him to cook for local celebrities, public officials and the Raiders.

  Josh has recently been doing “Pop ups” at the Vegas Test kitchen and servicing his bread-pasta kits at the Intuitive Forager farmer’s market.  He spends his spare time with his wife, 2 kids and has been studying  Jiu jistu for the past 10 years under Mica Cipilli @ Gracie Humaita and is a brown belt practitioner.